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Happy Fucking Thursday

April 4, 2013

Happy Fucking Thursday

Off to Seattle for the weekend ! No Bad Vibes here – stay tuned for photos!



April 4, 2013


Hey Gang!

Introducing the NEW Torrey Jay Tumblr site – this is a refined collection of my current works – It’s updated weekly and is strictly for my images. Don’t you worry, I’ll be posting awesome content here as well – more inspirational and past projects!

Also Soon to come is the brand spankin new where you’ll be able to buy prints and see ever evolving portfolio entries.


Torrey Jay

Doubt Aplomb

March 7, 2013

Really Digging the new works of Cory Soto – makes me wanna get all groovy.
Something in the werks with this guy and planet bullshit


November 9, 2012


rainy days are for making forts

October 23, 2012

You know those rainy days when you don’t really feel like doing anything in particular – this was one of those days…

all photos ┬ęTorrey Jay 2012

Theme A Week –

October 15, 2012

Hey gang,
Glad to be greeting you on this Monday.
For those who do not know – I made a very recent move to LA last week.
This was sorta out of left field for me but I’m enjoying the new surroundings for sure!
LA is a playfground of new visual experiences that are ever inspiring – so from this –
I’ve decided to do a lil mini series for each week – not sure how many weeks I’ll do this, just have to stay tuned and see!
I’ll be photographing a different subject or theme for each week and displaying the outcome right here!

If your a photo junkie like myself- I highly suggest this project

mas paz!


miscellaneous adventures

October 8, 2012

HBTV: Modern Day Artisans – Misc Adventures from HBTV on Vimeo.

Andrew Groves’ work is really inspiring – functional gear for the modern camper!

I’ve got an idea stewing that I just can’t wait to share with you all – it’s in the making ! hang tight !